My 4-year-old son reviews Duck Soup

My 4-year-old’s prelude to the review, as we were getting ready to type it up:

Remember what Catherine’s mom said? Only read it one time. We’ll look at it, and I’ll tell you, and we’ll review it.

And now… his review of Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic.

The story is about Max. Max is the duck, this duck [points to cover]. Max is making soup. And everyone else doesn’t like it, but only the bunny likes it. Max’s soup tastes not right. Chives! He needs them.

Brody, Dakoko [=Dakota] and Beebe come and eat his soup: “I hope it smells better… Max must be finishing now… [gasp!] I think I know where Max went… in the soup.”

They try to get Max out by stirring, by yelling, by pouring the soup to fall into the drain and leave Max behind. Max comes in and says, “My sooouuuuuppp!”

I like that the bunny likes the soup. I didn’t like that everyone else doesn’t like it. It’s funny that Max comes in and says, “My sooouuuuuppp!” People should read this book because it’s funny. 7-year-olds would like this book. That’s all.

Duck Soup is here on Amazon. See my 4-year-old’s other book reviews here and here.

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