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Reasons to pay attention to the Septuagint, and a few easy ways to do it

September 9, 2012

One of my most-visted posts at Words on the Word has been “Why you need the Septuagint.” I give 10 reasons.

Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva give some reasons in their Invitation to the Septuagint. Here Septuagint blogger Brian Davidson summarizes the reasons they give for Septuagint study.

I have a list of resources for Septuagint study here. I’ve particularly enjoyed studying the Septuagint recently with the use of Bible software programs. Here and here I blog about BibleWorks (PC) and the Septuagint. Here I write about Accordance (Mac) and the Septuagint.

Stay tuned for an additional installment in my Logos 4 review, which will explore how one can profitably use Logos for Septuagint study.

And if you want to just start reading the Septuagint, you can do it for free here!

What do you think?

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