Greek Isaiah in a Year, Week 1=Isaiah 1:1-25 (with Ottley text)

It is now Week 1 of Greek Isaiah in a Year. Here, for ease of reference, is the schedule for this week along with screenshots of the public domain R.R. Ottley text. (Download all of Ottley’s Book of Isaiah According to the Septuagint as a pdf here.) Sunday, December 2 could perhaps be spent reading all of the week’s text one time, then each day could go more in depth.

Monday, December 3: Isaiah 1:1-5

Isa 1.1-5

Tuesday, December 4: Isaiah 1:6–10

Isa 1.6-10

Wednesday, December 5: Isaiah 1:11–15

Isa 1.11_tempIsa 1.12-15_temp

Thursday, December 6: Isaiah 1:16–20

Isa 1.16-20

Friday, December 7: Isaiah 1:21–25

Isa 1.20-25a_tempIsa 1.25b_temp

See here for more resources and links to texts for Greek Isaiah.

16 thoughts on “Greek Isaiah in a Year, Week 1=Isaiah 1:1-25 (with Ottley text)

  1. For Isa 1:1-5, the only differences between Ottley and the eclectic editions are 1:1 Αχαζ (Rahlfs, Ziegler) instead of Ἀχὰς, and 1:4 ἐγκατελίπατε (Rahlfs) for ἐγκατελίπετε.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ken–I also note that Ziegler has εἶδε in 1:1, where Rahlfs has εἶδεν. (Even though Ziegler has εἶδεν first, but εἶδε a second time.) The apparatus doesn’t note this, and it’s not a huge issue, but it does differ also from Ottley. Any idea why this would be?

  2. Ziegler uses moveable nu much less frequently than other editors, so much so that it would be tedious to note every instance. Here’s the list of practical variants for this week. Ottley’s reading] Rahlfs & Ziegler’s reading (if only one of these two has the alternative reading, his initial R or Z is added.)
    1:1 Ἀχὰς] Αχαζ
    1:4 ἐγκατελίπετε] ἐγκατελίπατε R
    1:11 ἐμοὶ] μοι
    1:12 ἂν] ἐὰν R
    1:13 φέρητέ μοι] φέρητε
    1:19 θέλετε] θέλητε
    1:22 αἱ πόλεις ὑμῶν πυρίκαυστοι] omitted
    1:23 χήρας] χηρῶν
    1:24 Ἰερουσαλήμ] Ισραηλ

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