Sun Kil Moon + Album Leaf=???

Image via Stereogum. Koz is not actually playing that guitar, though.
Image via Stereogum. Koz is not actually playing that guitar, though.

Though I inexplicably have not yet shared on this blog about my abiding love for the music of Mark Kozelek (of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon), let me rectify that right now.

The current Mark Kozelek news is that he’s joined with The Album Leaf to record a new album, due out in–well, not soon enough for us fanatics.

From the Caldo Verde Records site:

‘Perils From The Sea’ is the debut collaboration by The Album Leaf’s multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle and Sun Kil Moon singer Mark Kozelek. The project began on Sept 11, 2011, when Kozelek, a fan and acquaintance of LaValle, asked Jimmy to co-write a song. LaValle, a long time admirer of Kozelek’s work, said yes, and the track ‘What Happened To My Brother’ came together quickly. Pleased with the results, the two agreed to record an entire album. Kozelek and LaValle continued to work together over the following year, until ‘Perils From The Sea’ was completed. For the album LaValle chose a more minimalist approach to the music than The Album Leaf’s large sonic soundscapes. The lyrics to the song, ‘You Missed My Heart’, Kozelek says were inspired by a nightmare he had in an Ontario hotel room. Kozelek’s story-telling narratives playing against LaValle’s hypnotic synth sounds and drums beats should come as a pleasant surprise to fans, and should serve as a great introduction to those previously unacquainted with these prolific and acclaimed artists. “Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf” will play their debut concert at UE Festival, Dordecht, Holland May 11, and an additional show at Shepard’s Bush Empire, London, May 13.

Whether Mark Kozelek+beatz will be a “pleasant surprise” remains to be seen. For now, you can hear “What Happened to my Brother” right here. I heard not a single guitar on the recording. Not sure what I think about that yet. I do like the couple Album Leaf albums I’ve heard, though.

In February 2013, however, the Koz has a new album of his own coming out, this one of covers. It’s called “Like Rats” and releases February 19. You can hear “I,” the first track from that record, here. It’s a nice chaser to follow the electronica foray I linked to above.

Though I will say–I have not yet not liked a single Mark Kozelek album, even if the most recent Sun Kil Moon was not my favorite work of his. So I’ll eagerly wait for both the covers record and the Album Leaf collaboration. The Koz is a musical genius, an amazing guitar player, and has a voice like buttah.

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