7 New Features in Accordance 11

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Accordance 11 has a projected release date of late October.

So far, via the Accordance Forums and their Facebook page, they have revealed 5 new features of Accordance 11 in advance of its release. (Actually 7ish, if you count a couple you can see in their podcast–see #6 and #7 below.) I use Accordance nearly every day, so expect a full review of 11 when it comes.

Everything in this post comes from something Accordance has publicly mentioned or shown; I have no insider info about new features, and if I did, I wouldn’t blog it anyway. 🙂 But, read on….


1. New categories for organizing Tools

As Accordance puts it, “23 new and useful categories for your books for better organization and easier access.”


23 Tools Categories


2. “Search All” has changed to “Research”

A forum post by a staffer cryptically says, “Search All is now Research, but the biggest difference can be found in the results!” See photo here. UPDATE: It’s no longer cryptic. Check this out.


3. Selective Easy Install (i.e., install only what you want)

This gives the user at last “the ability to selectively choose which titles to install from Collections or bundled titles.” See here for a screenshot.


4. New Collections

Here you can compare what’s in the new Collections. You can upgrade now, with the promise of a download of Accordance 11 when it’s ready.


5. Custom Upgrade pricing

An Accordance blog post explains clearly here how the new upgrade pricing system works.

And Dr. Tim Jenney shows off the new Collections in this podcast:



6. Take your own notes on Tools

It would appear from Dr. J’s setup in the podcast above that users can now take their own notes on Tools (commentaries, books, dictionaries, etc.). This has not been possible so far in Accordance. It’s a welcome addition.


7. Some kind of verse-by-verse passage guide

Logos has a Passage Guide (at least since Logos 4) that helps you quickly see all your resources that correspond to the passage or verse you are studying. It appears from Dr. J’s setup that Accordance 11 will introduce something similar. Can’t wait to see it–given how good Accordance programmers are at writing code, I’m sure it will move very quickly with the user through a passage.


Here, by the way, is a screen grab from the podcast, highlighting some of the above–the “TOPIC” search Dr. J’s Workspace has seems keyed somehow to the passage guide (or whatever Accordance will call it). It’s low-res, so go watch the first 30 seconds of the podcast in HD, pause it, and see for yourself.


Acc 11_Dr. J Workspace_New


More to come….

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