BibleWorks 10, Just Released



BibleWorks 10 just came out today. From the press release:

After four years of intensive development, BibleWorks 10 is now available – with a substantial list of valuable additions that will enhance your ability to study God’s Word. Please click HERE to watch our introductory video.

In BibleWorks 10 you will find an impressive array of new search capabilities, along with some important exegetical resources, that significantly enhance its already substantial toolbox:

• High-resolution tagged images of the Leningrad Codex
• Two new NT manuscript transcriptions
• Nestle-Aland GNT 28th Edition
• New English Translation of the Septuagint
• Danker’s Concise Greek-English Lexicon of the NT
• Instant lemma form usage info for Greek and Hebrew
• 1,200+ high resolution photos of the Holy Land
• EPUB reader & library manager
• Complete audio Greek NT
• Customizable window colors
• Dynamically adjustable program text size
• Mac and PC versions.

We have a series of videos
HERE that give you more info on each of these!

I hope to write more soon. Check out in the meantime. 

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