In the Mail: BibleWorks 10

My inordinately strong appreciation of Bible software started with BibleWorks 7. BibleWorks 10 was just released, and it came yesterday to my mailbox on a thumb drive.


BibleWorks 10


Go to to see what’s new. After I’ve had a chance to install and use it, I’ll write a review here.

11 thoughts on “In the Mail: BibleWorks 10

    1. I forgive you. 🙂

      But seriously–I’m a believer in “to each his/her own” when it comes to software preferences… for the most part. 🙂

      1. Haha. Well from what I understand BW is by far the leader when it comes to original languages, but I am a theologian not an original language scholar and I like the extensive library. Plus I’m too invested in Logos. I have Accordance simply because it was the first thing I bought and didn’t know of anything else at the time. My analysis, I can’t stand Accordance.

      2. I certainly understand the challenge of leaving a software when you’ve put money into it. That makes sense.

        Unfortunately, my Logos 6 outright stopped working on my computer–it’s a 2008 Mac, granted, but Accordance and BW work great on it still. So that sort of helped make my decision for me. I do use the Logos iPad app regularly now, though.

  1. I used Logos when it began on a PC, later I switched to a Mac and began with Accordance. I’ve since added both Logos and BibleWorks to my Mac and use them all. BibleWorks is an elegant program that does what it does quite well. Accordance matches it for speed in the various searches, but adds commentaries, etc., that BibleWorks simply has no use for. Logos is more like a fantastic library, but often offers many items of little to no value. The general costs of their products is a little higher as well. My only problem with Logos is that it still has not mastered maintaining the links in my sets, and I often have to reset them. I think all can be used together or separately as standalones and still provide what one needs for good Bible study. If forced to pick one, it would be Accordance.

  2. My last version of BW had been 3.5 before I switched to the Mac and Accordance in 1998. I did pick up v. 10 recently, but I admit that I’m totally lost with it. I don’t remember how it works anymore, but it was very important to me back in the day. When I get a chance, I’ll have to spend some time brushing up on it.

    1. Would love to hear what you think! Most important concept: you can run everything (search queries, changing versions, etc.) from the command line.

      1. Many times we have preferences that become blind bias. Objectively one could use any of the three and succeed. They are quite different, with BibleWorks language emphasis at one end and the Logos library concept at the other. Accordance offers excellent commentaries and lighting fast search, and that is why I would prefer it if I could only have one. The library is not as extensive as with Logos, but what they have is outstanding. The software is also not as demanding on your operating system’s resources. Just my thoughts and observations.

    1. Thanks so much for your interest! I’m working on it, slowly but surely–may be a while before a review publishes, but I’ll do my best.

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