Notebook Review: Hard Bound Cloth A5 (Orange!) by Sweden’s Whitelines

In college, when I was a prolific journaler, I filled up two or three wonderful lay-flat books with all sorts of feelings and existential insights/ramblings. My journal of choice featured semi-invisible lines, which were a guide to keep me writing straight, but subtle enough that I didn’t really notice once I looked at a filled-up page.

I noticed this fall that a Swedish company makes such a subtly-ruled notebook: Whitelines.

First, let me show you the outside of the orange A5 Hard Bound Cloth notebook:




The linen cloth gives the hardcover notebook an organic feel. The orange ribbon marker looks good, too. This is definitely a classy notebook.

What sets Whitelines apart from other notebooks is the… well… white lines it uses. Here’s what a page looks like:


Full Page of Writing


The white lines look great on the colored 80g paper. You can tell from the page above that there’s a little bleed-through, though. This was using a Pilot G2 07 gel pen. An extra fine fountain pen fares better.

The branding is minimal, but I can’t think of another notebook I’ve used that had the company name on every page:


Whitelines Logo on Page


I have gotten used to this in time and don’t really notice it anymore.

Apart from the really nice experience of writing on white lines, this notebook lays flat really well, even when you’re writing on the first few pages on the left-hand side. Kudos to the makers for getting that right! The sewn binding is welcome, too. This means the notebook will last a long time.

I use the Whitelines notebook as my primary journal, since it has a classic look and feel. And because this particular book is orange, I will (probably) never lose it.

Want to give it a go? Whitelines has a variety of .pdf samples of their pages here, so you can print them out and try it.

You can see more Whitelines products here. The Hard Bound Cloth A5–available in both orange and grey–can be found here.



Many thanks to the fine folks at Whitelines for the notebook for review!

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