Review of INVELLOP Leatherette iPad Mini Case

As a friend and I were geeking out over iPad mini cases lately, he recommended his to me. Since its arrival in my mailbox, I’ve rarely taken the mini out of this case. It’s got just the right combination of slim and sturdy for my tastes. It’s by INVELLOP, which I had never heard of. Here it is, closed, with no iPad mini in it:

The case closed, in landscape orientation
The case closed, in landscape orientation

Here is what the inside looks like:

The inside of the case
The inside of the case

The cutouts for earbuds, volume buttons, camera, etc. are all measured well. The material is “leatherette,” but smells fine and has held up well for the six or more weeks I’ve used it. The stitching is all still firmly in place. You can see in the above that the hard plastic back is connected to the front cover. When the screen flap closes, it puts the device to sleep; when it opens, it wakes it up. This function works just as it should (and is standard with these sorts of cases).

Here are a few more things I like about it:

  • This is the easiest time I’ve had holding my encased device with one hand–the case covers the device but does not extend past it much, so it’s low on bulk
  • The price on Amazon is at the moment $19.95, which is worth it for the quality
  • Good craftmanship
    Good craftmanship

    The screen flap is split into thirds so that you can set your iPad upright (in landscape mode) in two different positions (viewing or typing)

  • It has magnets that help the front cover snap even more securely onto the back case
  • The plastic back is stronger than other cases of this size
  • The inside’s microfiber has protected (and not scratched) the iPad
  • It’s easy to manipulate the front screen flap to take photo or video (it folds back quickly)
  • It’s thin and light, yet not at the expense of protecting a device (though I haven’t done a test drop)

There is really not much to critique. For the first few weeks the front cover didn’t lay flat very well. It still doesn’t lay flat perfectly, but that’s improved a good deal over time. And the magnets make sure the sleep/wake function isn’t compromised by this.

Most significantly, even though I’ve reviewed other iPad mini cases I could house my device in, this one is my go-to.

Thanks to INVELLOP for the review sample. The case reviewed above can be found at Amazon hereYou can find my other iOS and gear reviews here.

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