Review of Anker Slim-Fit iPad Mini Case

Anker 1

I’ve recently had the chance to try another iPad mini case–the Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case from Anker. It’s a decently made case, but it won’t replace my current go-to. I’ll jump right in and break it down into Pros and Cons:


  • Even though it’s fake leather, it seems to be built well
    • There is no visible stitching that could unravel
    • The cut-out holes (to access camera lens, earbuds, volume switches, etc.) are sized perfectly, as one would expect
    • The wake/sleep function works as it should–shutting the case puts the iPad to sleep, and opening it wakes it up
  • I am able to hold the iPad, with the case front folded back, in one hand
  • The fit of iPad into case is secure and snug
  • It is a classy-looking case
  • It is slim and lightweight

Here’s how it looks–the grey material at left is designed to be scratch-free:

Anker 2


  • I had a hard time getting the iPad mini out of the case–on the one hand, it’s good that it’s secure, but I was worried something would snap as I tried to remove the iPad (even according to instructions)
  • Won't really stay in this position once iPad is in
    Won’t really stay in this position once iPad is in

    It is possible to use the case in its prop-up mode, but it often slides and doesn’t stay in place, especially if you have it in the typing position

  • It’s pricey (retails at $29.99, slightly cheaper on Amazon), given the cons above
  • It is difficult to access the camera lens for photo and video with the iPad in the case. Since the cover is not a tri-fold, it doesn’t bend back enough to be able to easily take a picture–you’d have to hold the case with two hands or let the cover dangle open

The cons in this case outweigh the pros. Future iterations of the case ought to have some way for the iPad to lock in or not slip when propped up in landscape mode. And a tri-fold front would allow for easier camera access when the case is on. As for protection, the Anker case will get the job done, but there are better options on the market at present.

Thanks to Anker for the review sample, offered for my honest impressions of the case. They make plenty of other cases and products, too. The case reviewed above can be found at Anker’s site here and at Amazon here.

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