Hours Time Tracking App: Usually $7, Now Free

Hours-Icon-512While OfficeTime is my go-to iOS app for tracking where I spend my working hours, I often use the Hours app to track my time doing chores, writing projects, and other related tasks. (I most often access it through its really handy Today widget, and just swiped down to start a timer to see how long this blog post takes!)

Normally $6.99, now the app is free, to celebrate the release of the Apple Watch and the accompanying Hours app. (P.S. What do you call apps on the Apple Watch? Applets? Seeds?)

It’s got a beautiful interface, decent exporting features, and is really easy to use without thinking about–which is as a time-tracking app should be.


Image from Tapity Press Kit
Image from Tapity Press Kit


Check it out here, or read more about the app here. Also, those of you who use and enjoy it now–it’s coming to Mac soon.

What do you think?

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