Ulysses 2.1 for Mac and iPad: Just Released



Ulysses–writers’ darling when it comes to apps–has just received a significant update to version 2.1.

Some highlights (click the hyperlinked text for more on each):


Writing Goals on iPad (Image Via Ulysses/The Soulmen)
Writing Goals on iPad (Image Via Ulysses/The Soulmen)



2.1 does not add to iPad the Mac functionality where you can navigate your sheet by headings, so users will have to hope for that in future updates.

All the same, this is a worthy update. If you can live with .docx export replacing .rtf export, Ulysses users will want to update right away.

Find Ulysses for iPad here, for Mac here. I reviewed Ulysses in two parts here and here, where you can see more screenshots and read more about its features.

Ulysses offers a free trial of its Mac version here.

What do you think?

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