Free Copy of Mark (ZECNT) in Print, and 80% Off Ebook Gospel Commentaries from Zondervan

Zondervan Matthew Collection


Starting August 8 and going until 11:59 (EST) on August 11, Zondervan is offering a host of commentaries on the Gospels at a steep discount. Almost all of them are ones I use regularly in preaching preparation.

Some highlights:

  • Matthew, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the NT, $7.99 (reviewed here)
  • Scot McKnight’s Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount (The Story of God Bible Commentary, reviewed here)
  • Mark, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the NT, $7.99 (book note here)
  • NIVAC volumes, including Gary Burge’s volume on John
  • Luke, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the NT, $7.99 (reviewed here, and I think the first commentary I reviewed for Words on the Word)

Find all the books on sale here.

Up for grabs!

As part of the promotion, Zondervan has given me a print copy of Mark Strauss’s Mark commentary (ZECNT) to give away. It retails at $44.99.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the Mark commentary, leave a comment saying which Gospel you find yourself most drawn to and why. If you share a link to this post on Facebook and/or Twitter, you get a second entry. (Make sure you let me know you shared, and leave the link in the comments.)

I’ll announce the winner Friday evening. Check out the whole sale here.

17 thoughts on “Free Copy of Mark (ZECNT) in Print, and 80% Off Ebook Gospel Commentaries from Zondervan

  1. I’m most drawn to Matthew. I have always loved the Sermon on the Mount as a pinnacle of kingdom ethics, but also Matthew’s eschatology has always been intriguing.

  2. Matthew or Mark. Matthew because of Jonathan Pennington and Mark because of certain scenes like Jesus with the θηριων and Joel Marcus’ argument about Jesus’ cries from the cross have an exorcistic flavor (if I remember correctly).

    Tweeting. So chalk me up for two.

  3. I often find myself returning to Matthew because it was really the first gospel I learned. Thus I keep returning since it is like an old friend that keeps me company.

  4. Golly. Good question. I like Luke’s emphasis on the poor. I feel I know more of the structure of the earlier parts of Matthew. I think John’s use of the theme of exaltation is brilliant. I like Mark’s emphasis on Jesus’s miracles as part of the good news. Overall, I think I like Luke most, but that might just be because we share a name!

    Tweeting, too.

  5. I feel drawn to Mark because of the fast tempo and because while many would say Jesus doesn’t “become” divine in early Christian though until John, Mark’s prologue and baptism reveal that even the earliest Gospel writer thought of Jesus as deity. This is especially clear in light of Isaiah 42 and Mark’s usage of it.

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