Review of Bear Motion iPhone 5c Case

Time for some tech talk. At Words on the Word I’ve reviewed software, as well as aspects of iOS and its apps. I’ve done gear reviews, too. This post is my review of Bear Motion’s Full Housing Case for iPhone 5c.

Here’s what it looks like:

Back of the case
Back of the case
Front of the case
Front of the case
Empty case
Empty case

Here are the pros and cons of this case:


  • Though it looks a little cheap (and the cost is, indeed, low), it seems to be, in fact, fairly well-made
    • The holes (to access camera, headphone jack, home button, etc.) are cut out just right
    • I may or may not have dropped my phone a couple times in this case, and it was well-protected
    • It protects the screen; it protects the body; it protects the whole phone (and the case is all one piece)
  • It’s not very bulky; doesn’t add much to the phone
  • The fit is secure and snug, but it’s still easy to get the phone in and out
  • The price is currently $6.99, which is a good deal
  • I’ve taken it on a bunch of runs–it has performed well in this setting, both gripping to my hand without sliding out and keeping my phone from getting sweaty


  • The screen cover has a speckled or slightly filmy look to it, which is fine in regular light, but in the sunlight it makes the screen noticeably darker than it would be without the cover and, therefore, almost impossible to read
  • It isn’t the most stylish iPhone case I’ve ever seen, but that’s not a huge deal
  • On rare occasion the thick plastic screen compromises the touch sensitivity of the device

Though I don’t exactly have a plethora of cases from which to choose, this is the case that is currently housing my phone, and has been since I got it. That’s its own testimonial, I think. Especially for the price, Bear Motion’s case is a quite solid option.

Thanks to Bear Motion for the review sample. They make plenty of other cases for various devices, too. The case reviewed above can be found at Amazon here (affiliate link). Bear Motion’s brand page at Amazon is here.

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