Eusebius’s Onomasticon in Greek, Free (and Where to Find it in English)

One of many cool things about Carta’s Sacred Bridge atlas is its use of original/source languages.

For example, when The Sacred Bridge (TSB) cites Eusebius’s Onomasticon (a 4th century list of Bible place names), it does so both in its original Greek and in English translation.

OnomasticonThis, of course, got me to wondering about Eusebius in Greek. Using The Sacred Bridge in Accordance, I can easily pull up all the times TSB cites Eusebius (more on this later).

Then I wanted to know where to find more Onomasticon in Greek.

After a short hunt, I found this digital edition of the Onomasticon in Greek. I thought I would pass it on in case anyone else using the atlas in English wanted to be able to access the Greek.

Brill has an expensive triglot edition, and De Gruyter has one with Greek and Syriac, but the above is free and online.

Eusebius’s Onomasticon (in English translation, and with English translation of Jerome’s Latin translation/expansion of Eusebius) is here in Accordance, here on Carta’s site, and here at Eisenbrauns, Carta’s North American distributor.

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