Birth Announcement!



It’s a blog!

I’m pleased to announce the birth of Words on the Goods:

Words on the Goods reviews high-quality, high-utility gear. Writers, audiophiles, tech lovers, and people who actually say EDC out loud will love it here. We bring you in-depth and practical write-ups with hi-res images of the best notebooks, pens, speakers, leather cases, apps, devices, and more.

We’re up and running, and actually have been for some time. Here are a few highlights of reviews from the first couple weeks of its life:

I’ll continue to post occasional product and app reviews here at Words on the Word, but will focus my posts here more on my own writing, sermons, tools for preachers, biblical studies, church life, and the like. If you were always here for the goods, you should go to Words on the Goods and subscribe (bottom left of any page). I’m the sole writer at the moment, but that’s fixin’ to change.

If you like giveaways, go here and enter for a chance to win a 3-pack of some sweet Word. Terrain notebooks.

Feb. 8: Happy International Septuagint Day!

International Septuagint Day


Today, February 8, is International Septuagint Day. Happy LXX Day! So read yerself some Septuagint today, in Greek or English.

A few more links to explore:

Not to Shill, But… (Last Day of Logos Bible Software Discount)

Logos 6 Gold


I have mixed feelings about Logos marketing–some criticisms expressed here–but I still do, at least for now, participate in an affiliate program of theirs. This helps, among other things, to pay for some of this blog’s minimal expenses and has even in the past funded seminary coursework.

I have no intention to shill, but I do want to share for interested readers that the rate of 15% off any base package in Logos is changing as of tomorrow (12:00 a.m. PST) to 10% off. So if you’re thinking of upgrading, you can do it for cheaper today than tomorrow. If you don’t have money to do it, don’t sweat, pour yourself a cup of tea, and read this post instead. If you do purchase, Logos feeds a percentage of the purchase back to me. If you’re interested, you just order a base package (new or upgrade) through this Logos landing page.

Or use the promo code ABRAMKJ6 when you check out with a base package in your Logos cart. My review of Logos 6 is here.

2015: Hundreds of Books, Thousands of Apps Reviewed!

I wasn’t going to post this, but then realized I’ve done this same sort of post every year since Words on the Word began–which was 2012! Blog years are like dog years, so I officially consider this blog really old.

It’s a little cheesy, but compiled a 2015 report for Words on the Word.


Click here to read it


Here are a few fun facts from the report:

  • April 9 of this year was the blog’s most-visited day ever (4,081 hits). This was the post
  • My longest streak was 12 days of blog posts in a row in mid-July
  • This post from 2012 (though a bit dated now in its specifics) is still the most popular one
  • I reviewed 382 books but have 2,153 still to review; I reviewed 823 apps but still have 6,321 more app reviews to write
  • The above bullet point is untrue
  • I asked, Is 2 Samuel 7 About Jesus? and quite the discussion ensued!

Click here to read the full report. A guaranteed cure for boredom and maybe even insomnia.

15% Off All Logos 6 Base Packages

Logos 6 Gold


I haven’t posted about this in a while, but you can get 15% off any base package in Logos 6 through Words on the Word. If you order a base package through this Logos landing page, Logos feeds a percentage back to me, which I use to support the work of Words on the Word. So if you’re going to buy a base package anyway…

…check it out here, or just use the promo code ABRAMKJ6 when you check out with a base package in your Logos cart. My review of Logos 6 is here.

Why I am a Pastor, in 10 Words


We hiked through the woods on a perfect fall day, our whole family and another family, whom we love spending time with.

My wife and I were talking about my potential as a small business owner. I told her how much I’d love being at the helm of a startup.

But what kind of startup to start?

I: What does the world need that it doesn’t have?

She: Jesus.

I: Exactly! That’s why I’m a pastor.

The startup can wait for me, at least for now.