Accordance 10: Bells and Whistles

I recently read somewhere in the Accordance Forums that an early Accordance user from the 1990s said the product should come with a warning that it may cause sleepless nights! As I’ve reviewed Accordance 10 (as a long-time Mac user but new Accordance user), I’ve already seen the wisdom in that suggestion. It’s hard to put down. Accordance is actually a really fun program to use: sleek, pleasing, productive, and really easy to customize as I’ve gotten the hang of how to move things around.

The four parts of my Accordance 10 review so far are here, here, here, and here. Specifically I’ve been reviewing the Original Languages CollectionUPDATE: final part, part 6 of my review, is here: “More Bells and Whistles.”

Now that I’m getting more comfortable with the program, I want to post about some bells and whistles in Accordance 10. These are features that really make the program stand out.

1. Instant Details: more than I thought

That Accordance has instant parsing details is great, but to be expected of any Bible software program.

Image from Accordance’s features page

But here are two cool bells and whistles about the Instant Details.

Instant Details already parse whatever word you hover over. But this same area can also be used to just as quickly give you information from a given tool that is tied to a biblical text. If you hold down ⌘ (the command key) while you hover over a word, the Instant Details will give you the information from the first tool related to the text. So you can see your top lexicon’s entry for that word, for example. Or if you hover over a verse number and press , you get the information from the first reference tool you have. For example, hovering over a verse reference and pressing the command key gives me this in my Instant Details (click on image for larger):

One other sweet feature about the Instant Details is that you can arrange the order of how parsing elements occur. This accounts for those who will come to Accordance having learned under any number of different grammars and systems. You can drag and drop elements to put them in the order you desire:

A nice touch.

2. Interlinears: however you want them

Having been trained at a seminary that prizes original languages, I am a little biased against interlinears for those who are really seeking to learn the language. (I find the “burn your interlinear” mantra I’ve heard from some quarters a little excessive, though.) Realistically, however, some exposure to biblical languages is better than none, and there are surely users who will want to make use of an interlinear. Greek and Hebrew texts come with interlinear English translation and word parsing as the default, but you can easily turn it off and back on again as needed. See the options at left, where you can set up exactly what you want to show in your interlinear. Here’s what the interlinear feature looks like with the options at left checked (click for larger):

3. It is so, so fast

When I first started using Accordance, I’d open it and then go to Safari or some other program to wait for it to load. But what I quickly realized is that I didn’t actually have to. This thing is up and running fast. I had Accordance set up so that four different workspaces would come up upon opening the program (NT, Hebrew OT, LXX, and a “Search all” workspace I created). Everything was ready to go in 8 seconds. That’s a lot of workspaces to have open fast!

Then when I opened Accordance such that it only needed to load two workspaces, that time dwindled to 5 seconds. Don’t bother surfing the Internet while you wait for Accordance to load. It’s ready to work when you are.  Searches on words are immediate, and the Instant Details give you the details, well… instantly.

Part 6 of my Accordance review will be my final review of the program itself. In that I’ll look at a few more bells and whistles: the Construct search and the context slider. After that I expect to be able to review an add-on module. Stay tuned!

I received a free copy of Accordance 10 for review. There were no expectations placed on me as to the nature of my review, whether positive or negative.

8 thoughts on “Accordance 10: Bells and Whistles

  1. Test Gospel of Thomas thoroughly — it’s full of mistakes … 😦
    Parallel texts not always show parallels, when it comes to German language. Commentary on the text is really scarce – compared to the book with the cover that shows on the product page… Have a try!
    ON the other hand I share your general opinion that it is a really outstanding program. No doubt about that!

    1. Hi, Han, thanks for your comment! I don’t think Gospel of Thomas is included with my Original Languages collection, so I wouldn’t be able to take a look. Hopefully they’re able to look into whatever mistakes you are seeing there!

  2. Han, none of our resources should be full of mistakes. Can you email us some sort of description so we can track this down and correct it? You can also post to our user forum.

    I think you are referring to the recent GThomas release from the GBS. I apologize for any confusion on this as it does not include the full commentary that was subsequently published in print. I knew this prior to its release and thought I related to our marketing team that they should not use any images or descriptions from that other print ed. We would like to get that edition, but the GBS did not include it in our license for this most recent collection of resources.

    Again, please email (corrections[at]accordancebible[dot]com) or post any corrections and we will fix them as soon as possible.

  3. I sent 3 emails (on 6.6.’12) and got the answer that you got the mail. thanks.
    I even wrote a review. Nothing happened…
    Yeah and the image of the book is most misleading. True..

    1. Han, we’ll update the image ASAP. As far as the corrections, we usually make them together and push out updates for several modules at a time. If you got the auto-reply, then the issue was logged and will be addressed in time. Thanks…

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