More Bells and Whistles in Accordance 10 (final installment of my review)

Here are a few more bells and whistles in Accordance 10. These are to add to the bells and whistles I mentioned yesterday.

    1. The Context Slider  

I’m in James. Wondering about wisdom.

So I right click on “wisdom” to search for the word in the rest of the Bible. I get the following results:

Great for a word search. I can scroll through the results, seeing one verse at a time–every verse containing “wisdom.” Note that next to the context slider it says there are 202 verses displayed. The frequency count for “wisdom,” though, is toward the top right of the image above, just under the search bar–212 flex hits. (I wrote more about Flex Search here.)

But what if I want to see each of those uses in context, without having to open up a bunch of new windows? Easy, I just slide the context slider one notch to the right:

Note that while my “212 flex hits” stay the same, there are now 546 verses listed. This means a bit more context is listed for each occurrence. Moving the context slider to 3, I get even more context for each use of “wisdom”:

The Context Slider goes all the way to the right for the setting “A,” which shows me all the uses of “wisdom” still marked in red, but with the context of the entire Bible surrounding it:

As you can imagine, being able to see the word search results with varying degrees of context makes for fruitful word studies.

2. Constructs

This feature looks a little more complicated, at least on first glance. But it’s well worth spending the time to figure out how to use it, because of all that it can do.

Accordance Constructs are a graphical interface that allow for more complicated searches… you know, things like, “How many times do the words God and love appear in the New Testament within seven words of each other… in Greek?” Setting up this search using the Construct feature looks like this and takes a very short time to do:

Clicking on Search at bottom right, I get the following results:

But that’s a lot of Greek to wade through. If I need an English translation, clicking on “Add Parallel” above gives me the same results, translated:

There is much more the Construct search can do–but this gives an idea of its potential utility. More from Accordance on Constructs can be found in their help files here.

3. Modules

Accordance sells a number of add-on modules. Though I have not used them, two that look to be particularly useful are a bundle for Hebrew text criticism (including the BHS text and apparatus, and new BHQ volumes with apparatus) and some volumes of the critical Göttingen text of the Septuagint (e.g., here and here). Accordance also offers add-ons of various commentaries, including the NIGTC series, NICNT, the JPS Torah Commentary, and quite a few more. Though there are certainly strong opinions in the biblical studies community as to whether one should own commentaries as physical books or as 1s and 0s, Accordance makes the latter possible with modules that integrate with the rest of the program.


I’ve really enjoyed learning and reviewing Accordance 10 this last week. It’s a great program. I love being able to use Bible software that is native to a Mac, and a really good software at that. Accordance can do a lot. I think what has impressed me the most has been how customizable all the panes, zones, tabs, etc. are, without sacrificing any quality. Already in the last week I’ve been able to use Accordance to speed up some tasks in both my studies and my ministry.

For ease of reference, here are all the parts of my review of Accordance 10, which this post (#6) completes.

Part 1: In which I finally try out Accordance Bible Software for Mac (new version 10!)
Part 2: 4 Cool Features in Accordance 10
Part 3: 3 Powerful Ways to Search in Accordance 10
Part 4: The Original Languages Collection in Accordance 10 meets Septuagint Sunday
Part 5: Accordance 10: Bells and Whistles

Coming soon: Review of Beale and Carson’s Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament add-on module.

I received a free copy of Accordance 10 for review. There were no expectations placed on me as to the nature (or length!) of my review, whether positive or negative.

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